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Cadillac Club: 1959 Cadillac : 1959 Cadillac Restoration : 1959 Cadillac Restoration page 10

Paul Oakley 1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville Restoration - Tasmania Australia Page Ten

Editors note: This is the tenth page on Paul's Journey of restoring his 1959 Cadillac Sedan Deville. If you missed any parts feel free to go back to page 1 of Paul's 1959 Cadillac restoration.

Here we are even further down the track Blair has lost his bad hair and got taller! Here we are installing the new shafts and ball joints to the upper and lower control arms for the front suspension. These parts form part of the major suspension rebuild kit that we purchased from KANTER. Once again the control arms have had the blast and paint treatment. The existing shafts were nearly impossible to remove and got the grinder treatment. On the right Blair looks to be cleaning up nuts and bolts on the wire wheel. This machine is without a doubt priceless during this type or restoration work, although a lot of bolt fasteners are replaced with new high tensile bolts its not always necessary. Note the newly fitted out lower control arm sitting on the bench ready for installation.

Blair helping install the ball joints on the 1959 Cadillac. Blair cleaning up some bolts on the bench grinder.

Blair fitting the upper control arm on the cars right side. With the lower control arm fitted as well we now need to install the front spring and compress it far enough as to allow the upper and lower ball joints to be fastened to the steering knuckle (upper) and steering arm (lower).

This poses a problem given the sheer amount of energy required to compress a spring of this size without the weight of the car plus engine. I have made a custom bracket to connect the chassis to the workshop floor with masonry anchors, this will allow us to compress the spring by way of a small trolley jack whilst the frame is firmly held down.

Replacing the upper control arm on the right hand side. Paul installing the coil springs in his 59 Cadillac with the help of a home made bracket.

As described before. The jack has compressed the spring enough to hook it up and bolt it off the steering knuckle at the top of the brake backing plate and the steering arm at the lower of the plate. You will also see in the image two small spring compression tools that were needed just to reduce the height of the spring enough to be able to get it into position prior to jacking. This is me doing the same to the left side of the car. The amount of energy stored in this size spring is quite scary and it pays to be vigilant, I have heard of people being killed by trying to cut corners with such installations.

Jack holding up the coil springs on the 1959 Cadillac chasis. Paul applying pressure to the brakes as he releases the coil springs.

With the right side bolted up safely, Blair still has a bit of tension on the lower arm to allow the shock absorber to be installed. By the way its not a funny shade of light Blair actually has green hair due to a school sports carnival! This image pretty much shows the front end fully reassembled. Note we have also refitted the steering box that has been fully reconditioned by Alan Walton in Melbourne as was the draglink. We have also reinstalled the stabilizer bar and renewed the linkages and rubber bushings at both ends. Also the as per the rear we have replaced all the brake components and rerun the lines.

Blair applying pressure as he adjust the lower arms. 1959 Cadillac chasis with new steering box and stabilizer bar installed.

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